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Creature Calls 7'8"x 10'9" Rectangular Rug 1894

Can you find the pig?  What sound does the pig make? 

What color is the pig?  Can you find that color on any of

the other animals? So much fun learning about nature,

sounds, colors, counting, letters and more!  Creature Calls

will be one of your favorite teaching tools in the Pre-K classroom. 

The Creature Calls Classroom Rug features 12 colorful animals

along with their respective sounds. This vivid school rug is

injection dyed for maximum image clarity and fade resistance.

It’s constructed of durable STAINMASTER carpet fiber that resists

crushing and abrasion. The SoftFlex backing system and serged

nylon edges withstand busy classroom environments. Stain shield

and antimicrobial treatments repel dirt, germs and odors,

extending the carpet's life by up to 50%.

The Creature Calls Classroom Rug is made in the USA


   Key Features

Fiber: 100% STAINMASTER® Nylon

● Backing: SoftFlex®

● Accommodates Monitor or Laptop

● Country of Origin: USA

   Additional Options:

Size Code:

   C, 5'4" x 7'8" Rectangle. $184.90

   D, 7'8" x 10'9" Rectangle. Shown

● Specifications:

● Length: 10' 9"

● Width: 7' 8"

● Warranty: Lifetime limited wear and antimicrobial; 10-year stain

Price: $323.70
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