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Phonics Fun Rectangular Rug 5'4"x 7'8" 1422

Introduce children to important early reading skills.

A corresponding picture helps kids quickly and easily

learn the phonetic sounds of the letters of the alphabet.

Numbers and upper case letters border the rug.

The nylon fibers won’t mat, polypropylene backing keeps

this rug securely in place under active feet and serged

edges won’t unravel or fray. Antimicrobial treatment

prevents the spread of germs and allergens, and stain

protection keeps colors vibrant in high-traffic areas.

Meets Class One fire safety requirements,is Green Label

Plus certified by CRI's indoor air quality program

and is backed by a lifetime limited wear warranty.


   Key Features

Fiber: 100% STAINMASTER® Nylon

● Backing: SoftFlex®

● Accommodates Monitor or Laptop

● Country of Origin: USA

   Additional Options:

Size Code:

   B, 3’10”x 5’4”Rectangular. $93.60

   C, 5'4" x 7'8" Rectangle. Shown

   D, 7'8" x 10'9" Rectangle. $323.70

● Specifications:

● Length: 7’8”

● Width: 5’4”

● Warranty: Lifetime limited wear and antimicrobial; 10-year stain

Price: $180.70
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