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Metaphor series. Designed as a contemporary sequel

to the iconic 9000 series, metaphor is the ultimate in stackable,

storable seating, with an updated three-hole backrest that offers

exceptional ven...

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Price: $143.30

Analogy Series mobile task chairs come with an ergonomically

contoured polypropylene shell that flexes to accommodate

different body types. The pneumatic seat adjustment that

make this model an ex...

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Price: $143.30

Zuma Mobile Task Chair or Zuma Keyboarder is a

school or computer chair that epitomizes great

seating in both classrooms and computer labs.

This piece of ergonomic school furniture is a good


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Price: $146.60

The Sassy® Manager Swivel Chair is a breathable, flexible office chair in black, featuring an s-wave design that flexes to form with the natural shape of the body. Chair features a plastic seat and b...

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Price: $201.25