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940P-V6-BB Buddy Bench

Introducing the Buddy Bench! Add this new trend in

seating to any space to provide an area that children can go

if they are feeling lonely or left out on the playground. This

signals other children on the playground that they would

like to be included. Choose from either a 3/4” diamond

shaped expanded metal opening or a 5/8” round shaped

perforated opening that allow water to drain and prevent

standing water. Rounded corners offer safety around

playground areas. All welded frames made of 2-3/8" O.D.

12-gauge galvanized iron pipe in black.

These benches are ideal for school playgrounds and parks.

• Warranty: 5 Years          • Seat Height: 18"H      

• Overall Demensions:  62"L x 22-1/4"D x35"H

• Laser cut Buddy Bench text now with your choice of icon


• Thermo-Plastic coating is 40-50 mils thick

• Understructure constructed of 7-gauge solid steel

• MIG Welded frames made of 2-3/8" O.D. galvanized

   12-gauge iron pipe with black finish

• 3 leg styles: Portable, In-Ground, or Surface Mount

• Metal: Diamond Pattern





Price: $528.75
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