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The RazorBack Chair has an EXTREME load capacity.  The RazorBack chair’s “Muscle Back” leg design and “Structural Span” provide maximum strength. In addition, the ergonomic low back design ...

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Price: $39.95

Virco’s 8925 Stack Chairs are durable stack chairs for use in any school, church or public space. Strong construction makes them highly durable for daily use. Frames come with ‘H’ brace and addi...

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Price: $58.55

Virco’s 8915 Stack Chairs are contemporary stack chairs for use in any

school, church or public space. Strong construction makes them highly

durable for daily use. Frames come with ‘H’ brace...

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Price: $58.25

Comfortek’s Multi-Purpose Stack Chair. Ideal for:  Fellowship halls, Classrooms, Gymnasium and Auditoriums. These  chairs are the highest quality and are built for comfort.  A full 3″ of foam p...

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Price: $37.10

The National Public Seating The 9300 Silhouette stack chair is durable and classy enough to use in your busiest social setting, be it a dining room or corporate banquet hall. It features a strong squa...

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Price: $39.30

NPS 9200 Vinyl Dome-Back Stack Chair looks good and

is durable enough to use in your busiest rooms.

This attractive stack chair has a 18-gauge steel frame

plus an H-shaped brace under the seat for ...

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Price: $32.75

The Series 8700 Stacking Chair from National Public Seating offers a sleek design with clean lines in a new, futuristic look. Perfect for Cafeteria, Auditorium, Conference and Lecture Hall seating, th...

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Price: $54.70

If you have meeting rooms you need chairs for people to sit in.  However, you really want a chair that is comfortable and easy to move.  Meet our Comfortek High Density stacking chair.  It is made ...

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Price: $35.90

Entourage Resin Outdoor/Indoor Stack Chairs

A sleek design allows it to also be used indoors in meetings areas,

break rooms, lunchrooms, schools and other gathering spaces.


● Plastic stacking...

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Price: $50.65

From the break room to the back patio, the CoGo Indoor/Outdoor Steel Chairs offers comfort and style. This easily adaptable chair is crafted from sturdy steel and features a slat back and seat that's ...

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Price: $223.80

National Public Seating's 8500 Series Hi-Tech Compact Stack Chair stacks up to 40 chairs high so cleanup and storage are a breeze. Each stack chair has an injection-molded, textured polypropylene plas...

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Price: $44.70

National Public Seating's 8600 Series Signature Lightweight Stack Chair looks great and is easy to stack, store and move. Stack chairs up to 20 high on NPS's DY86 dolly and move from your event space ...

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Price: $49.20