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Oklahoma Sound ZED Series Sound Lectern #ZED


Need a feature-rich podium for your next TED talk or debate? Built for versatility while offering a professional appearance, the ZED Series Sound Lectern by Oklahoma Sound offers an elegant and flexible solution for your conference room, university lecture hall, tradeshow floor, convention center, and hotel banquet hall. An integrated 40-watt speaker system with an amplifier allows this lectern to be a standalone sound and presentation solution for venues or when a comprehensive A/V system is not available. The included gooseneck and wireless lavaliere lapel microphone allow the presenter’s voice to project, whether at the podium or walking during a presentation. The spacious table surface includes a halogen lamp that is great for books, laptops, tablets, index cards, notes, and other presentation resources, while the ZED can accommodate two simultaneous wired and one (optional) wireless microphone. With the input jacks, the ZED lectern can connect to CD players, extension speakers, USB devices & Bluetooth devices, along with recording outputs and MP3 playback. Four concealed easy-roll casters make storage, transport, and deployment a snap. MAS2 Certified.

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Product Features

  • Sleek and stylish Z-Shaped sound lectern design offers an attractive and universal appearance
  • Integrated 40-watt speaker system
  • Digital timepiece included
  • Table surface with integrated halogen lamp accommodates books, laptops, tablets, index card, notes, and more
  • Integrated 21” gooseneck microphone with XLR mount
  • Lavaliere lapel microphone with 10’cable
  • Can be used with two wired microphones and one (optional) wireless microphone
  • Operates on AC plug or optional battery (model P12-V)
  • Four concealed easy-roll casters for easy storage and transport
  • MAS2 Certified

Optional Upgrades

  • Wireless Handheld Microphone #LWM-5 $173.90
  • Wireless Tie-Clip/ Lavalier Microphone #LWM-6 $129.60
  • Wireless Headset Microphone #LWM-7 $156.20
  • 12V5 amp. Rechargeable Battery #PS12V $107.15

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 66 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions: 19 -3/4" W x 19 -3/4" D x 49" H
  • Warranty: 10 Years Warranty

Product Dimensions

Not available.

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